Bare Shaft Pumps

Choosing a Waterjetting Pump Based on Horsepower

You don't want to get something you don't need, and pump horsepower is no exception. Choosing the right horsepower is the first step in determining the correct pump for your waterjetting application. More than 160 years of pump engineering experience ensures you get the job done with the most efficient performance. Our high pressure triplex and quintuplex pumps have been successfully used for thousands of applications around the world. From single nozzle cleaning applications to higher pressure hydro demolition, GD Energy Products has the most horsepower options in the industry. Whether you are using a multi-lancing system or lower flow waterjet cutting track, we will design the unit requirements including horsepower to fit your needs.

GD Energy Products 100 HP T300 water jetting pump
100 HP - T-300 Pumps
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GD Energy Products 150 HP TY300 water jetting pump
150HP - TY-300 Pumps
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GD Energy Products 300 HP TY375 triplex water jetting pump
300 HP - TY-375 Pumps
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330 HP - TF-450 Pumps
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450 HP - TX-450 Pumps
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GD Energy Products 600 HP QF450 Water Jetting Pump
600 HP - QF-450 Pumps
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Improving Efficiency in the Field – Aftermarket Modifications and Upgrades

GD Energy Products also understands that job requirements change, and we offer aftermarket support and engineering services to improve the operating efficiency of your existing waterjetting pumps. Our engineering staff can provide transmission units to optimize efficiency in different job schedules. With a simple change of gear ratio using a manual or automatic clutch, the operator can modify flow to application with a simple gear change.

The addition of quick-change plunger kits and forced lube power ends allow different RPMs to the pump which can help match flow and pressure requirements for an ever-changing job schedule. For example, some may need 20K application for a particular job, but afterwards may need a higher flow, lower pressure 10K pump. With our quick change plunger kit upgrade, our pumps allow for a single unit to be used for both of these jobs.
Our engineering team is always adapting to ever-changing market demand for differential pressure requirements, and delivers continuous innovation for an ever-changing industry.

Contact us to learn more, or ask our team to configure a waterjetting pump based on your specific needs.