450 HP - TX-450 Pumps

Pressures to 20,000 PSI, Flows to 106 GPM, Power to 450 HP

Performance or secondary product differentiators

GD Energy Products Water Jetting Systems always seeks to provide the ideal pump for each and every pressure, flow and power range. The TX Series fills the niche for reliable higher horsepower triplex pumps for use in both single and multi-speed (transmission) units with reduction gear. You will find these pumps on our 450 Series waterblasting units.

The feature that sets these pumps apart is their easy, fast and affordable convertibility with the mere change-out of plungers and packing from the well of the pump, without the need for unbolting or retorquing and no valve change required. This saves a great deal of time and effort, as well as thousands of dollars over our competition!

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The TX-450HC and TX-450SB pumps offer fast and affordable pressure/flow convertibility from the well of the pump, and don not requiring unbolting or retorquing. No valve change is require, simply change the plungers and associated packing and rings to get a pressure change. This saves many thousands of dollars over the competition.

The inline fluid end design of the TX -450HC allows for increased pressures up to 20,000 PSI, while its increased flow capacity allows convertibility to higher flows up to 52 GPM without a major overhaul or secondary valve purchases.

The sectionalized fluid end design of the TX-450SB includes soft-seated valves for use in “dirty water” applications. The valve design for the TX-450SB allows for flow an incredible flow up to 113 GPM.

These pumps cover the requirements for high horse power applications including industrial processing, and concrete demolition. Come see why GD Energy Products is the preferred brand for high flow pumping applications.


TF-450 Series Pumps

TF-450SBModelPSIBarPlunger In.Plunger mmFlow
TF-450SB4,5003102 1/4"57116
TF-450SB5,0003502 1/8"54104
TF-450SB5,7003932 "5191.8
TF-450SB6,5004481 7/8"4880.7
TF-450SB7,5005171 3/4"4470.3
TF-450SB8,5005861 5/8"3860.6
TF-450SB10,0006901 1/2"3851.6
TF-450HCTF-450HC10,0006901 1/2"3851.6
TF-450HC12,0008271 3/8"3543.0
TF-450HC15,00010341 1/4"3236.0
TF-450HC20,00013791 1/16"2026.0

Design Advantages

  • Pressure/flow convertibility from well of pump.
  • Does not require unbolting or retorquing.
  • No valve change required.
  • Planetary gear included with these pumps no external belts required.
  • Maximum frame load of 30,000 Lbs./13608 Kg. for multi-speed, or 25,000 Lbs./11340 Kg. for single speed;
  • Field proven design - extremely reliable;
  • Easy field maintenance;
  • Stainless steel fluid end construction;
  • Suction manifold is made from hard, anodized aluminum and it also available in stainless steel for salt water applications;
  • Plunger packing is carbon filled Teflon and polyethylene base, spring loaded, self-adjusting and easily replaceable from the rear of the stuffing box;
  • Pressure relief safety head assemblies mounted to the discharge manifold;
  • Discharge manifold manufactured from precipitation hardened stainless steel;
  • Suction manifold is anodized aluminum reducing weight of pump:
  • Crankshaft is made from single extended steel with tapered roller bearings to minimized side thrust load;
  • Connecting rods are made of ductile iron with automotive type split insert bearings;
  • Large piston-type crossheads constructed of gray iron;
  • Unique forced oil lubrication system allows oil to be forced through a rifle-drilled crankshaft lubricating each journal, connecting rod bearings and wrist pin bearings.
  • Higher pressure pumps equipped with strengthened tungsten carbide plungers.