600 HP - QF-450 Pumps

Pressures to 20,000 PSI, Flows to 200 GPM, Power to 600 HP

Performance or Secondary Product Differentiators

GD Energy Products’ quintuplex pumps are well known for their smooth operation with lower operating costs and infrequent maintenance requirements. They are ideal for continuous duty operations requiring generous flows and are designed for dirty water service. With an efficiency rating of 97% (the highest in the business) and tremendous durability it is no wonder they have become a favorite of plant maintenance.

TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE! The same rugged power frame can be used with either fluid end: the "SB" 10,000 PSI fluid end with flows to 200 GPM, or the mighty "HC" 20,000 PSI fluid end with flows to 88 GPM. Fluid end change-outs are easy and so is maintenance

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GD Energy Products 600 HP QF450 Water Jetting Pump


The QF-450SB and QF-450HC pumps offer fast and affordable pressure/flow convertibility from the well of the pump, and do not require unbolting or retorquing. No valve change is required, simply change the plungers and associated packing and rings to get a pressure change. This saves many thousands of dollars over the competition.

The crankshaft is constructed from a single piece of alloy steel with tapered roller bearings for minimal side thrust load. With a robust frame load of 25,000 lbs. this QF series offers a 600 HP performance which is enhanced with an addition of the variable transmission speed option.

The QF-450SB is a more advanced "L" fluid end design which offers flows up to 193 GPM while offering pressures to 10,000 PSI, with just a simple plunger change. It includes inserted valves that provide unsurpassed service in “dirty water” conditions. Included are flanged suction and discharge ports permitting easy change-out in the case of damaged threads.

The QF-450HC with its inline fluid end design, offers flows to 86 GPM at pressures of up to 20,000 PSI at 600 HP. The pressure range for this fluid end goes from 10,000 PSI to 20,000 PSI. The added advantage to having a quick change fluid is the ease of changing packing in this pump. Keep the pump running longer with reduced downtime with the QF-450HC 20,000 PSI quick-change pump.

These pumps cover the requirements for high horse power applications including industrial processing, and concrete demolition. Come see why GD Energy Products is the preferred brand for high flow pumping applications.


QF-450 Series

TF-450SBModelPSIBarPlunger In.Plunger mmFlow
TF-450SB4,5003102 1/4"57116
TF-450SB5,0003452 1/8"54104
TF-450SB5,7003932 "5192
TF-450SB6,5004481 7/8"4880.7
TF-450SB8,0005521 3/4"44117.1
TF-450SB9,0006211 5/8"41101.0
TF-450SB10,0006901 9/16"4093.4
TF-450HC11,0007581 1/2"3886.0
TF-450HCTF-450HC13,0008961 3/8"3572.0
TF-450HC15,50010691 1/4"3260.0
TF-450HC20,00013791 1/16"2743.0

Design Advantages

  • Quintuplex Features • Affordable pressure/flow convertibility from well of pump
  • Does not require unbolting and retorquing
  • No valve change required
  • 5 Plungers for smooth operation
  • Integrated planetary gear box with common oil system for power end/gear box
  • Easy fluid end change-out to 12,000-20,000 PSI fluid end with flows to 88 GPM
  • High flow fluid end rated for pressures to 10,000 PSI and flow rates to 119 GPM
  • Alloy steel crank shaft with four sets of roller type main bearings
  • Drilled crankshaft for true forced oil lubrication (superior quality)
  • Oil cooler and oil filter system
  • Stainless or anodized aluminum suction manifold
  • Adapting plate material high strength alloy steel
  • Low oil level, low oil pressure and low water pressure safety shutdowns
  • Stroke: 4.5” quintuplex
  • Pump RPM to 600 RPM correct for 4.5” stroke
  • Design horsepower: 600 HP
  • Frame load: 25,000 lbs.
  • Elastomer inserted valves for long wear and dirty water service
  • High pressure fluid ends (11K- 20K) uses solid tungsten carbide plungers
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Reasonably priced pump parts
  • 20 years in constant production, field proven reliability with hundreds of units operating