20K Dry Shut Tuf-Guns

Light, powerful and built to take punishment

Designed with the operator in mind, the GD Energy Products Tuf-Gun features stainless steel pressure parts, while the fully adjustable handles and shoulder stock are made of a durable light-weight high tensile polymer. Endurance trials by cleaning contractors have given this gun high marks. Perfect for applications where remote dumping is required to keep discharge water in the blasting area to a minimum. Made for use with an unloader valve. Dry Shut guns are also available in foot valve style.

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The GD Energy Products Dry shut system incorporates the dry shut gun with a nitrogen unloader to be able to fully reclaim/recycle water that is not being used at the gun. This is in contrast to the dump style system which allows the water to leave the dump port of the gun to collect on the ground. The dry shut system will give the operator the option to dump on the ground or return to an unloader valve which can be either directed back to tank or a collection pond. Get the environmentally friendly version of the water blasting system and try the dry shut gun system to conserve water today.

Standard Features Include:

  • Fully adjustable shoulder stocks and hand grips.
  • Trigger safety latch assembly prevents accidental discharge from control gun.
  • Features 60 second cartridge overhaul. 20 KPSI (1379 Bar)
  • No tools required to adjust stock or change cartridge
  • Stainless Steel Corrosion Free Assembly
  • Quick Change Drop-In Nozzles for 15 Second nozzle change


  • 20 KPSI (1379BAR)
  • Less than 60 Second cartridge change out
  • 15 Seconds to change nozzles no tools required

Design Advantages

  • Virtually indestructible polymer shoulder stock
  • No tools required
  • Compatible with other mechanical unloaders or our nitrogen PRS unloader
  • 60 Second Quick Change replicable cartridge
  • Can be used with forward facing rotary nozzles
  • Options available ¼” adapter for ¼” NPT Nozzles