Mounted Cutting Track

20,000 PSI TO 40,000 PSI Waterjet Cutting System

GD Energy Products offers a track mounted waterjet cutting system. This system incorporates the venturi style slurry nozzle on a completely remote controlled cutting track. The track is controlled by an ergonomic standing control panel for ease of operation. The crawler comes with both perpendicular and parallel brackets for both wall sheet cutting and floor cutting. We also have a man hole cutter for radiuses and circles.

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GD Energy Products Mounted Cutting Track


From the productivity perspective, this system easily out-per-forms many other systems on the market. The Wet Abrasive Cutting System makes a clean cut through metal up to five inch-es thick. This system is designed to be fully portable and easily set-up by a two man team. The three function con-trol panel of the Track Wet Abrasive Cutting System are easily mastered with minimal training, and offer the ability of the operator to operate at a safe dis-tance from the cutting area

Get the low cost cutting system that is easy and safe to operate. This system creates a minimum amount of spark. This will reduce the shutdown cost of the plant.


  • Cuts up to 5” thick metal
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Pressurized pot not required
  • Pressure up to 40,000 PSI
  • Replaceable Nozzles.
  • Sapphire Focusing Cone
  • Works with standard garnet
  • Radius and Hole Cutter
  • Remotely operated

Design Advantages

  • Perpendicular mounts for wall cutting
  • Parallel mounts for ceiling or 90° cutting
  • Magnetic Brackets for secure attachment to metal surfaces
  • Carbide/Sapphire nozzle construction for longevity
  • Remote operated control panel for safety
  • Air operated crawler
  • Dolly mounted sand hopper to transport easier
  • Vent valve permits evacuation of material abrasive feed line to preclude plugging
  • Bracket allows for different angles of cutting against surface