Air Pre-Heater Cleaning System

The PLC controlled air pre-heater cleaning system is designed to clean air pre-heaters in a safe, effective and economic way with the help of high pressure water jets.

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The PLC controlled air pre-heater cleaning system is designed to clean air pre-heaters in a safe, effective and economic way with the help of high pressure water jets. Due to the PLC control it automatically calculates the most effective cleaning program with the best result. Further the new model 2E has the possibilities of logging all cleaning data for presentation to the customer. Upon request a pneumatical driver motor can be provided. 


The Air Preheater Rails

The system consists of 2 aluminum rails of 6Mtr. (20Ft) long. One for cleaning the air pre-heater from the top and one for cleaning from the bottom up. The rails have an integrated gear rack and on each of them runs an electric powered x-car. The rails come with 2 clamps each to fix the end of the rails inside the Air Preheater.


The x-cars consists of a base carriage plate with a gearbox, gear, electric engine, end switches, high pressure manifold, splash guard and an encoder. Below the x-car you will find the manifold (6-Jet) this can be positioned on three positions to get complete coverage on the sides. The electric engine in combination with the encoder and the PLC ensure a precise positioning of the manifold. A pneumatically driven motor is also available. Please indicate the type of drive preferred at time of quotation. 


The new designed high pressure manifold model 6-Jet is standard supplied with the model 2E Air Preheater Cleaner. It has a 6-jet manifold 6x 1/2"NPT for a maximum pressure of 700 Bar (10KPSI) with 250 Liter/min. (60GPM) per manifold. With these parameters it has the max. reaction force it can handle. Other higher flows at lower pressures are possible but need to be calculated first. The standard hose inlet connection is 1”NPT but can be supplied different. For higher flows and or pressures please contact us we also manufacture XXL versions of the Air Preheater Cleaners.

6-Jet standard manifold with TC nozzle inserts, other models on request

The nozzles that we advise are 1/2"OC8-P12 Tungsten Carbide Long Jet nozzles for an extra long sharp jet. They are positioned like above to create the best possible overlap for the rotating preheater. The nozzles are option and not included in the delivery


The PLC with touchscreen controls is mounted into a new portable stainless steel electric main control box of 500x500x300mm. For easy transportation it is trolley mounted, complete stainless steel construction.

The main electric control box needs a power supply of 110VAC and 60Hz or 230VAC and 50Hz. From the main control box run 2 cables to the air preheaters (top/bottom) with somewhere half way an electric remote control.

On this remote control it is possible to operate the following functions:

- Start, Pause and Stop program

- Emergency Stop.

    With the touchscreen on the main electric control box it is possible to select a cleaning program in which you can set the parameters for setting or calculating the cleaning program.

    Program 1 BASIC

    The most easy program in which you can program:

    - the step (movement in inches)

    - the time (seconds) the manifold has to stand still.

      This is the basic program based on our first Air Pre-heater Cleaning System. This program can also be applied for other applications. For improved and effective cleaning we developed program 2.

      Program 2 ADVANCED

      The most effective way to clean an air pre-heater. In this program you can enter the following parameters .

        - Speed rotation Air Pre-heater( RPM)

        - OD and ID Air Pre-heater (Inch)

        - Width of the Manifold (Inch)

        - Overlap Manifold (%)

        - Number of cleaning cycles (Qty)

      With the above set parameters the PLC will calculate and run the perfect cleaning program