High-Pressure Pumping Units

Waterjetting pumps are only as effective as the components they are paired with. GD Energy Products Multi-Blasters deliver a packaged assembly of integral components customized to meet your unique application and horsepower requirements.

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What is included in a Waterjetting Unit?

GD Energy Products Multi-Blasters are comprised of our rugged triplex positive displacement pumps packaged with integrated filters, discharge plumbing, a power unit and drive train. Package options include electric motors or diesel engines, skid or trailer mounting, belt or direct drive, and optional transmission or PTO clutch. Trailer mounted units can be fabricated in so that a CDL is not required.

GD Energy Products Waterjetting Units are Comprised of 5 Essential Components:

  1. Frame Skid or Trailer - provides the structure for mounting waterjetting pumps and unit components. Rigid skids allow the unit to be lifted and moved without causing drive misalignment. Skids are made from a rigid ¼ inch thick steel floor plate to create a safer non-slip work surface. Forklift slots are standard on skidded units.
  2. Power Transfer - To maximize horsepower on engines and motors, rotation speeds are reduced. This requires a speed transfer case, clutch or transmission to be added to the engine before the pump. GD Energy Products uses V power bands, multi-groove sheaves and direct drive planetary gears with internal forced lubrication.
  3. Motor or Engine - Produces the energy required to rotate the pump to produce pressure and flow. Electric motors are available in TEFC, explosion proof or open drip enclosures with a variety of voltages and starting options. Tier 4 diesel engines are available for an environmentally cleaner diesel drive system with a variety of fuel tank options. Fuel, air and oil filters are easily accessible. Large easy to use engine control panels are used for easy comprehension of engine status.
  4. Filter - Utilizing a proper filter is critical as it ensures debris and other contaminants are removed from the water before passing through the waterjetting pump. Oversized stainless steel filters deliver clean water to the pump to increase plunger, valve and packing life. 50 micron filtration is standard for 10,000 PSI; 10 micron is standard for 20,000 PSI, and 1 micron is standard for 40,000 PSI.
  5. Waterjetting Pump – The heart of the waterjetting unit is the rugged GD Energy Products positive displacement reciprocating pump. These pumps bring water in through low pressure suction and transforms it into pressurized water to exit the discharge port to the application. We use advanced polymer composite packing and special colmonoy coated plungers. Quick Change plunger kits for instant pressure change technology are also available.
GD Energy Products High Pressure Pump 450 HP

Waterjetting Applications

GD Energy Products waterjetting units are used for hydrostatic testing, concrete demolition, air-preheater cleaning, runway cleaning, vessel cleaning, paint overspray removal and more. With decades of experience in packaging waterblasting units, we have come to anticipate the needs of customers from any market requiring waterblasting equipment. GD Energy Products has seen every configuration waterblasting unit, from demanding offshore environments to caustic environmentally challenging requirements including the petrochemical sector, and we can customize a unit to meet your specific needs.