300 Series

Pressures from 4,000 - 40,000 PSI, Flows from 6 - 60 GPM, Power to 300 HP

The 300 Series Waterblast Pumping units are designed for ultimate versatility. With Instant Pressure Range Conversions possible through IPRC Technology, pumps can be converted for different pressures on location in the field.

The 300 Series Multi-Blasters is offered with 3 standard fluid ends along with a correctly sized electric motor or diesel engine, belt drive system which allows for easy maintenance and easy pressure change. You can go from 10,000 PSI to 20,000 PSI in minutes.

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Each 300 Series Multi-Blaster features a TY-375 pump with a choice of 3 fluid end options to match your application, paired with a correctly-sized power unit, drive train, belt drive system, pump filtration, fuel tank (for diesel), unit instrumentation and safety relief systems.

This simple design features easy removal of valves, plungers and packing for fast, efficient field maintenance. Plungers are colmonoy coated stainless steel. Valves are of the inserted type suitable for "dirty water".

The quick change feature on this pump allows pressure changes to 20,000 PSI in minutes. The optional plunger case includes manifold, pressure relief valve, plunger, packing, and brass.


300 Series Multi-Blasters

150E Electric150-088,00055231.6119.6150112TY-375S
150E Electric150-1010,00068923.287.8150112TY-375HC
150E Electric150-1616,000110316.160.9150112TY-375HC
150E Electric150-2020,000137912.547.3150112TY-375HC
150E Electric150-4040,00027586.424.2150112TY-375UH
170D Diesel170-088,00055231.9120.7170127TY-375S
170D Diesel170-1010,00068923.488.6170127TY-375HC
170D Diesel170-1515,000103416.361.7170127TY-375HC
170D Diesel170-2020,000137912.647.7170127TY-375HC
170D Diesel170-4040,00027586.424.2170127TY-375UH
200E Electric200-088,00055241.7157.8200149TY-375S
200E Electric200-1010,00068930.6115.8200149TY-375HC
200E Electric200-1515,000103421.380.6200149TY-375HC
200E Electric200-2020,000137916.562.4200149TY-375HC
200E Electric200-4040,00027588.431.8200149TY-375UH
225D Diesel225-088,00055241.8158.2225168TY-375S
225D Diesel225-1010,00068930.7116.2225168TY-375HC
225D Diesel225-1515,000103421.380.6225168TY-375HC
225D Diesel225-2020,000137916.662.8225168TY-375HC
225D Diesel225-4040,00027588.431.8225168TY-375UH
250E Electric250-088,00055252.1197.2250186TY-375S
250E Electric250-1010,00068938.3144.9250186TY-375HC
250E Electric250-1515,000103426.6100.7250186TY-375HC
250E Electric250-2020,000137920.778.3250186TY-375HC
250E Electric250-4040,000275810.539.7250186TY-375UH
260D Diesel260-088,00055252196.8260194TY-375S
260D Diesel260-1010,00068938.2144.6260194TY-375HC
260D Diesel260-1515,000103426.5100.3260194TY-375HC
260D Diesel260-2020,000137920.677.9260194TY-375HC
260D Diesel260-4040,000275810.539.7260194TY-375UH
300E Electric300-088,00055259.1223.7300224TY-375S
300E Electric300-1010,00068943.4164.2300224TY-375HC
300E Electric300-1515,000103430.1113.9300224TY-375HC
300E Electric300-2020,000137923.488.6300224TY-375HC
300E Electric300-4040,000275811.945300224TY-375UH
325D Diesel325-088,00055260.3228.2325242TY-375S
325D Diesel325-1010,00068944.3167.7325242TY-375HC
325D Diesel325-1515,000103430.8116.6325242TY-375HC
325D Diesel325-2020,000137923.990.5325242TY-375HC
325D Diesel325-4040,000275812.246.2325242TY-375UH

Design Advantages


  • TY-375S/HC/UH pump (see performance charts) suitable to the pressures/flows required.
  • Heavy-duty power end with stainless steel crankshaft, tapered roller bearings, large cylindrical crossheads, splash oil system, and oil level sight gauge.
  • Diesel units feature engine-mounted instrument panel, key ignition, easy access to service points, 100-gallon fuel tank, and a clutched PTO.
  • Electric units available with TEFC enclosures with a variety of voltages and starting options.
  • V-belt drive system that is tolerant of minor misalignment.
  • Discharge plumbing appropriate to the fluid end, and includes rupture discs for overpressure protection, pressure gauges and relief valves.
  • Rigid base is constructed of heavy-duty 8-inch steel channel. Skid surface is 1/4" thick non-slip steel floor plate. Fork lift slots on skids.
  • Electric units available with TEFC enclosures with a variety of voltages and starting options.


  • Tandem axle trailer with tongue, hitch, fenders and jack
  • ICC lighting package (reflectors, stop/turn & license)
  • Electric brakes
  • 125 gallon stainless steel water tank with boost pump