20K Tube Cleaning Nozzles

20,000 PSI GD Energy Products Waterblasting Tips are Custom Drilled Nozzles for Internal Tube and Pipe Cleaning

GD Energy Products offers a wide selection of 20,000 PSI nozzles which are designed specifically for use with Flex or Rigid Lances which have male Autoclave-type Medium Pressure threads.

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All feature a special metal-to-metal seat design that eliminates the use of gland nuts and collars. Each custom drilled nozzle is made to your specifications. Your standards and flows are given to us to create the most effective nozzle for your cleaning application. The slimline design allows for compatibility with small tube sheet cleaning demands. We offer both right hand and left hand nozzles, which are and then heat-treated for lasting cleaning power.

Products include the TLX nozzle, Standard nozzle, and Button Tip nozzle. Also included in the line are the 20K high production Turbo Spinning Nozzles designed especially for cleaning heavily fouled tubes.


  • GD Energy Products provides a variety of 20,000 PSI nozzles from the ultra-compact button tip nozzles to the penetrator design with rounded tips for ease of passing through slow-bends
  • If there are clogged nozzles in the application, the TLX 20K allows for concentrated front jets to break through the hard material
  • The nozzles can be drilled to be offset to provide rear-flowing swirling patterns for easy removal of debris in the tube
  • You can have the nozzle drilled with any number of orifices

Design Advantages

  • Manufactured from hardened stainless steel
  • Heat-treated for long service life
  • Wrench flats for easy installation
  • Designed especially for use with flex and rigid lances
  • Wide range of custom drilled orifice patterns and sizes available to match your application requirements
  • ¼”MP up to 9/16”MP
  • The nozzles are designed for entry into tubes so they maintain a small outer diameter for easy of applications