40K Tube Cleaning Nozzles

40,000 PSI GD Energy Products UHP Blasting tips are custom drilled or inserted for internal tube and pipe cleaning

GD Energy Products Waterjetting Systems offers a wide selection of nozzles designed specifically for use with Flex or Rigid Lances having male Autoclave-type High Pressure threads.

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All feature high-strength stainless steel construction for long service life, a special metal-to-metal design which eliminates the use of gland nuts and collars, wrench flats for easy installation and are engineered to withstand the rigors of high pressure applications using 40,000 PSI.

These include the 40K TLX nozzle, the 40K Standard nozzle, and the 40K Button Tip nozzle each available in a wide range of drilled orifice patterns to suit your application. Also included in the GD Energy Products 40K Nozzle selection are a variety of special Tube Cleaning nozzles with Sapphire Inserts. Theses sapphire inserted nozzles attach directly to rigid lances, nipples, and flex lance.

Sapphire inserted nozzles are available in various threads for 40,000PSI tube cleaning applications. The sapphires which extend the life of the jet and keep the jet longer for better lasting cleaning and lowers down time.


The 40,000PSI nozzles come custom drilled to your specifications. We can drill as small as .012” for your application. We can put as many as 16 radial jets around the circumference of the nozzles. We can place as many jet facing the desired location required. We also have standard drill patterns for unplugging, polishing, and flushing. We can provide the required jet pattern required for your specific application.

Design Advantages

  • Manufactured from hardened stainless steel
  • Inserted nozzles use replaceable inserts
  • The nozzles are designed for entry into tubes so they maintain a small outer diameter for easy of applications
  • They have wrench flats for tightening nozzle securely to flex lances, nipples, and rigid lances
  • Nozzles are heated treated for longer life
  • Nozzles have multiple locations for drilling pattern to increase nozzle orifice combinations for stubborn cleaning jobs
  • Size from ¼”HP up to 9/16”HP