Spinner Nozzles

Maximizing ideal flow and pressure just got easier with GD Energy Products’ new line of rotary nozzles. Great for cleaning heat exchangers, condensers, and pipe our new line of rugged yet simple nozzles is available directly to you. No software, no inserts or bearings, just pure grit.

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Our new line of rotating nozzles provides 360 degrees of waterjet, and the manufacturing technology allows for flows up to 30 GPM and pressures up to 20,000 PSI. With both forward facing jets for unplugging and side facing jets for radial cleaning, spinners provide a variety of cleaning options for an economical price.

Design Advantages

  • The special design of the drilled nozzles allows for easy attachment of the spinner to stinger or lance and you are ready to get started
  • Specially fabricated with the highest-grade steel and exacting machining specifications
  • Available in four major orifice sizes: .024”, .026” .028” and .032”
  • Offered in 3/8” NPTF, ½” NPTF and 9/16” MPF
  • Offered in 15,000 PSI and 20,000 PSI


Radial Jet Pattern: two jets focusing all their energy to clean the internal diameter of the wall.

Radial/Cutter Pattern: four jets in total, two jets in the cutter position and two jets in the polisher position. This is the economical and sturdy solution to your internal diameter cleaning needs. GD Energy Products’ new line of popular rotary nozzles gives you the performance and reliability needed to get the job done. Contact your GD Energy Products representative or distributor to get your GD Energy Products Spinner today.