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GD Energy Products Water Jetting is the #1 source for original, factory-fresh replacement parts for Weatherford waterblasting pumps, made to the strictest technical standards. We can help you keep your pumps running perfectly!

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GD Energy Products Weatherford Parts


The TD-60 power end and the FE-85, FE-145 fluid ends were some of the original Waterblasting pumps. No need to replace those when you have genuine GD Energy Products replacement parts to keep them running. From packing to plungers, stuffing boxes to connecting rods, GD Energy Products has your replacement pieces for your Weatherford waterblasting pumps.

GD Energy Products customer representatives are experienced with the Weatherford waterblasting pumps. We have the torque specifications, flow rates, and manuals to get you through the repair process. GD Energy Products will get you the right part for your equipment to keep you running your classic Weatherford pump.

The FE-85 and the FE-145 are true workhorses and if you have one you would want to give it the parts it deserves. GD Energy Products ISO quality puts stringent requirements on the parts that it ships to customers. You can feel better knowing you are getting a quality part from a company that has been distributing these parts for over 30 years. Call us and get your Weatherford pump back up and running.