PPE Safety Apparel

GD Energy Products Rain Suit with Aluminum Toe Guards and Helmet and Face Shield.

Waterjetting operators rely on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to protect them from accidents when using high-pressure water. GD Energy Products Waterjetting Systems offers a wide range of safety equipment to ensure a safe work environment.

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Waterjetting requires specific safety equipment for waterblasting practices. Footguards come one-size-fits-all and are made from aluminum and are rated ANSI Z41.The face shield is rated for ANSI Z87. The safety equipment mentioned are in accordance with the Recommended Practices of the Water Jetting Technology Association.

Aluminum Toe Guards: These easy-to-use foot protection devices are made from aluminum and are the ultimate protection from waterblasting toe and foot injuries.

Helmet and Face Shield: GD Energy Products recommends a face shield to fully encompass the head, face, and neck area when waterblasting or waterjetting. The face shield attaches directly to the helmet and can be easily moved up or down during downtime for comfort and increased visibility. The GD Energy Products face shield is durable and is rated ANSI Z87, a standard for establishing protection conformance.