Whip Hose

10,000 - 40,000 PSI Operating Pressures

Operator safety is critical when it comes to waterblasting. GD Energy Products’ line of Safety Shrouds are designed specifically for use with hand held control guns. These safety shrouds protect the operator from dangerous hose failures occurring near the gun.

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Control Gun Blasting requires a safety shroud to protect the operator from hose bursts and decoupling. To safely protect the operator from such events, the GD Energy Products safety shroud fully encloses the thread points and the hose. The safety shroud is lined with stainless steel mesh to add more protection to the operator. The 20,000 PSI version has Kevlar material that is highly resistant to puncture.

Never connect an unshrouded hose directly to a waterblasting gun. Always connect a whip hose and safety shroud to the gun first before connecting the appropriate hose to the other end of the shroud/whip hose with a quick coupling.

The Safety Shroud features a nitrile outer cover which is water, oil, and soil resistant. The inner material consists of high strength braided stainless steel. The 20,000 PSI shrouds also include a layer of woven Kevlar for superior strength. Each features heavy-duty couplings and multiple layers of protection that our shroud provides in this vital area so close to the operator’s body. Shroud and safety whip hoses and quick couplings are ideal in combination with these safety shrouds.


  • Offered in various lengths such as 36”, 72”, and 120” for maximum protection
  • Pressures offered include 15,000 PSI, 20,000 PSI, and 40,000 PSI personal protection
  • Supplemental safety products available for purchase

Design Advantages

  • Stainless steel inside hose offers protections from hose bursts and decoupling
  • The 20,000 PSI version uses Kevlar as an added safety feature
  • The safety shroud assemblies fully enclose the possible leak points to completely protect the operator from injury
  • The safety shroud lengths are offered for various degrees of protect with choices from 3 foot to 10 foot lengths