Pressure Relief Valves

Safety for Pumps and Personnel

GD Energy Products’ Waterjetting Systems Pressure Relief Valves were designed specifically for the waterjetting industry. It is standard on all GD Energy Products pumping equipment up to 15,000 PSI for the temporary relief of excess system pressure. It will fit most other major brands of waterjetting equipment without adapters or modifications. The unit can be easily overhauled in the field or sent to our service center for repair and recalibration. Repair kit available.

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A relief valve set up to 15,000 PSI for the temporary relief of excess system pressure. Once the pressure of the pump reaches a pre-designated pressure the valve will release the pressure. This stainless body and spring-loaded mechanism is a rugged tool and stays set to the pressure set by the factory. The tool maintains its integrity in heat or cold and other harsh environments.

*Please specify set pressure when ordering.

Standard Model #5532145 (up to 15 KPSI @ 50 GPM)

Hi-Flow Model #5532155 - (up to 10 KPSI @ 150 GPM)


  • Once the relief valve has reached its set pressure, a ball will rise and it will release the pressure and go back down under the set pressure
  • Can work as a safety device
  • ½” NPT version flows to 50GPM
  • 1” NPT version flows to 150GPM

Part Number

Relief Pressure

Inlet thread

Discharge Thread

Flow GPM


7,500 PSI



50 GPM


18,750 PSI



50 GPM


5,000 PSI



150 GPM


12,500 PSI



150 GPM

Design Advantages

  • Has a repair kit for quick repair and can be set at various pressure between 7,500 PSI and 18,750 PSI
  • Comes with ½”NPT or 1”NPT side discharge port to reroute dump water back to tank or collection pond
  • Resets after pressure spike has passed
  • Locking Allen Screw keeps the adjustment sturdy during vibrating pump