Pressure-Trol Valves for Hydrostatic Testing

Pressures to 40,000 PSI

GD Energy Products’ Pressure-Trol Valve Assembly is a single unit designed specifically for the hydrostatic testing of drill and production pipe, casing or tubing. It can be used on both diesel and electric testing units.

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A special feature of the “Pressure-Trol” system allows the operator to regulate testing pressure and bleed off water with only two (2) centrally located controls without having to “clutch” the engine. Its safe, simple operation keeps the operator in full control of the test process. The Pressure-Trol valve is typically installed next to the control panel and often next to a chart recorder on a typical GD Energy Products hydrostatic testing unit.

Design Advantages

  • Increases production with simple to operate system
  • Built for continuous operation
  • Requires only one operator
  • Pump and motor start/stop eliminated 60-second field overhaul
  • High daily testing rate
  • Can be used with most other manufactured pump units
  • Both single and multi-line vessel filling
  • Easily adaptable to chart recording systems


  • Eliminates the need for external check valves or pressure relief valves as all are contained within the unit
  • Allows for both single line and multi-line filling, which allows for less downtime by not requiring the operator to switch hose in a single line fill
  • No Tools required for kit replacement