PRS Nitrogen Unloader Valves

High-Pressure Waterblasting Flow Splitter Using Nitrogen to Maintain Pressure from High-Pressure Waterblasting Units

Easily control pressure from the pump to multiple control guns using Nitrogen Pressure Regulator Valves. GD Energy Products offers the PRS unloader valve control valves to safely direct water flow from the pump for two—up to eleven more waterjetting control guns.

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The PRS Nitrogen Regulated Pressure Unloader Valve for multiple guns in pressures from 10,000 - 20,000 PSI. The GD Energy Products PRS Unloader is a nitrogen regulated pressure unloader valve that increases productivity and improves safety. Available as an accessory mounted to the GD Energy Products Liqua-Blaster waterjetting units. Available as a dolly-mounted assembly for increased portability.


  • Safely maintains 98% pressure levels for up to 12 control guns
  • Allows safe depressurization of guns and hoses in approximately 10 seconds
  • Bleeds down pressure automatically when the pump is shut down in pressure ratings from 10,000 to 20,000 PSI with flows of up to 60 GPM at 20,000 PSI

Design Advantages

  • Dry Shut system creates back pressure signaling the Nitrogen Regulator to release the right amount of water at the valve
  • Comes with 4 x ½”NPT (or 9/16MP for 20,000 PSI) ports on the discharge
  • The standard ¾”NPT connection at the bottom dump port easily routes a hose back to tank or containment area Ideal for contractors required to have a minimal amount of wastewater at the sight of blasting
  • Nozzles on a multi lancer will maintain pressure until you run out of diesel or until you run out of water
  • Automated valve control system means less time spent adjusting flow control valves or trying to compensate for nozzle wear
  • Nitrogen-filled bladder acts as an air shock absorber when the operator engages and disengages the trigger