Stoneage Waterblast

Advanced Systems for Lancing, Tank Cleaning, and other Applications

Performance or Secondary Product Differentiators

A proud OEM supplier of StoneAge Waterblast Tools, GD Energy Products Waterjetting offers this expanded line of equipment to compliment our own lines of pumps, packaged units, engineered accessories, and other waterjetting components. GD Energy Products Waterjetting is your single call source for all the very best in water blasting.

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StoneAge Waterblast Tools incorporates engineered accessories for your blasting application. These products have been an industry standard for 30 years. To truly supplement your GD Energy Products Water Blast unit, incorporate your automated cleaning solution from StoneAge tools. Our customer service personnel will tailor design the cleaning equipment for your application requirement. The customer representatives have been trained to measure the precise angles, pressure, and flows you will need for your water blasting job.


  • RIGID LANCE MACHINE - For exchanger tubes
  • BANSHEE - Rotary tube cleaning nozzles
  • BADGER - Rotary cleaning nozzles for pipes with bends
  • GOPHER - Rotary cleaning for small lines
  • BJV - Rotary cleaning nozzle
  • RAPTOR - Rotary cleaning for straight pipes
  • BARRACUDA - Rotary shotgun cleaning nozzles
  • TORUS - 3D Tank cleaner
  • AUTO BOX - Heat Exchanger Line Cleaner
  • Pressures up to 40,000PSI
  • Standard Connections
  • Comes with repair kits
  • Representative will size your tool to your need

Design Advantages

  • Safe Tools
  • Hands-Free Automation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Adjustable to any size job
  • Easy to repair
  • Tools up to 220 GPM up to 40,000PSI
  • Knowledgeable representatives to assist